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‘ a neoutopia ’, by Erico Valença, is a fusion of science fiction, design, sociology and new technologies. The brand's objective is to weave narratives that intertwine with reality and encourage reflection, while cultivating a fashion scenario for the future imagined in each collection.

Since childhood, designer Erico Valença has had a fantastic mind, sparked by his interest in computer graphics, drawing and astronomy. He is the grandson of a seamstress and the son of a sociologist and a language teacher. His academic background is diverse, including programming, graphic design, product design, fashion design, illustration and photography. He self-taught himself to manipulate 3D software and artificial intelligence, always with the aim of illustrating his fashion projects to later create them in the physical world.

Currently, in
‘ a neoutopia ’, the product development process is mostly digital. The study of shapes, flat modeling and moulage are carried out with 3D software and artificial intelligence. 3D printing is also used to create accessories, applications and finishes. This process contributes to more sustainable and fair production, operating with less waste, on demand, without the need for physical testing and disposal during piloting. The raw materials used are mostly organic, recycled or rescued from industrial disposal.

‘ a neoutopia ’ challenges the traditional, imagining not how fashion might look today, but how it might look, given the circumstances, in the future.

‘ a neoutopia ’ // for a future given the circumstances;


(text generated with GPT-4 in Microsoft Copilot)

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