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 CDC53 ; FW24.1;
  If human nature is communal and social development is collective, whose individualist interest is it to destroy, to discredit human nature itself?

The collection named ‘naturo anthropogena’ is an exercise in imagination regarding a new social situation that works to meet human needs - individual or collective - while respecting the irrevocable limitations imposed by the environment. A socialist reality.

In this context, access to technology is equal and serves as a tool to meet creative needs, contribute to technical progress and emancipate humanity from excessive work.

The people who inhabit this reality dress not out of a market desire, but out of a desire for expression - be it individual, collective, artistic. The organic textures and prints, androgyny and the soft color palette offer the viewer the desire for a better world.
' anthropogena naturo ', which translates from Esperanto as 'anthropogenic nature', serves as a counterpoint to those who believe that human (or anthropogenic) nature is to destroy. It is not human nature that destroys, what destroys is an obsolete mode of production, which directly promotes
our extinction and the extermination of the planet, which treats the environment as a commodity
I would love it. A global structure, however, is private and denies collectivity.

In a world where it has become easier to imagine the end of the world itself, ‘ anthropogena naturo ’ sets out to imagine the beginning of a better world.
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Erico Valença


Vitória Grassi


Maxi Weber


Nicolli Visconti
Will the Creative
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