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Hello how are you?

I`m the ⬤ ` a neo utopia ` s designer

I am a fashion designer, and in addition to fashion design (UAM), I went through higher courses in graphic design (UnP), product design (UFRN) and systems analysis and development (IFRN), and I also have a free illustration course (UFRN), collection development (FASM - PDM and LL Studio) and photography (UnP), 3D graphic development (IFRN) and experience with social media management. Today, I personally develop all the brand's collections, in addition to branding and communication. My process is 100% digital, with study of modeling, shapes and consumption calculation and raw material cutting, all carried out on the computer; In addition of course, execution of digital renders of the 3D parts to promote the brand.

At this three-dimensional modeling course for fashion in Clo3D, I'm going to teach you how to do the modeling bases in the program, to understand the basic tools, construction of some pieces like t-shirt, pants, skirt. The pieces will be finished with the virtual sewing tools of the program for the development of 100% digital piloting that can be used in production e in bespoke.

Will also be taught: finishes e aviamentos in the Clo3D program, and finally export and physical seam allowance with lower seam allowance for cutting parts feedstock. Also, at the end of the course, I teach the rendering tool built into the program, which produces realistic images of the pieces for promotional and portfolio purposes. In the closing class, an activity will be requested to assemble an authorial look in the program using the skills developed during the course. The activities developed during the course will be reviewed and commented on by me.

The differential of this course is that the main objective is to develop the student to be able to create their own models for assembling parts, since the courses that exist in the market today are focused on the virtual sewing of ready-made molds and do not develop the students to make their own creations.

Thank you very much!
I hope to see you soon.

Signed Erico Valença - designer of the ` neo utopia `


Hours: Saturdays, 9 am to 12 pm
Start of classes for the current class: 06/25
Duration: 5 to 8 meetings. Remote and weekly meetings - number of meetings depending on the pace of the class
Shift: morning
Location: Remote via GOOGLE MEET
Materials: Download the free version of Clo3D available on the site in the "free trial" option.

A certificate of 30 hours plus classes and homework will be generated.

Check the opening of future classes by contacting us via

Clo3D course with designer Erico Valença // kurso Clo3D kun projektisto