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physical product
detachable prints:
taking the two colors you can change the prints between the t-shirts
100% Aradefe organic cotton

premium soft touch mesh
oversized with distinctive collar

removable print generated by artificial intelligence 100% polyester from industrial disposal
snap off: Karl Marx in cryogenics
black print: planet in vibrant blue


References for size:
up to 1.75m = M
up to 1.80 m = G
taller than 1.80m = XL
the piece fits well body with up to 100cm of abdomen.
the piece is over-sized, the bigger the piece, the more relaxed the look.

Part Size:
M - 47cm wide
L - 50cm wide 
GG -  60cm wide 


ATTENTION our  production is on demand - this product has a production time of up to 15 days to be made.

cropped; artificial intelligence

  • 100% polyester print
    100% cotton t-shirt